The Southern Willamette Valley Chapter Board of Directors in a continuing reinforcement of chapter membership value is allowing each member of the chapter to attend a Professional Development Meeting at no cost. One per calendar year. Requirements are that you are a current member of this chapter and in good standing with APICS Association.

The APICS community is composed of nearly 40,000 individuals from 15,000 companies worldwide-across nearly all industries. With more than 50 years in service, APICS brings together professionals from around the globe who are committed to building excellence in operations management.

Join APICS today to profit from our vast educational offerings as well as the knowledge and experiences of thousands of other operations management professionals worldwide. Watch your e-mail for the latest membership benefits news and information in the member e-newsletter, APICS Connection.

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APICS professional membership: For working professionals in all areas of operations or supply chain management, select this membership.
APICS academic professional membership: Tailored to meet the needs of those that have a career in education or research.
APICS young professional membership: If you are just getting started on your career in operations and supply chain management, this membership is just right for you.
APICS student membership (free): If you are working towards your degree and considering a career in operations or supply chain management, this option could be your best choice.
APICS enterprise (organization) membership: APICS offers organizations with at least 25 enterprise professional members the opportunity for additional savings.
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Benefits of APICS membership

Network with local operations and supply chain management colleagues in your community.
Membership with APICS Southern Willamette Valley chapter yields valuable professional connections, relevant education, and opportunities to give back to your profession.
Expand your professional knowledge and skills with APICS courses through your local APICS Southern Willamette Valley chapter.
APICS has a robust network of partners worldwide serving the global supply chain and operations management community.
Savings on educational events:
Receive member discounts on educational events and APICS certification.
Members save up to 25 percent on APICS offerings.
APICS student members save an additional $25 on APICS CPIM exams.
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All APICS members can access the APICS website for:

Access exclusive content such as the digital APICS magazine.
Search members-only publications to research industry trends.
Download white papers, select research reports, and helpful industry publications.
Expand expertise with free, on-demand APICS webinars.

APICS Career Center

Fill a position or find a job.
Members have full access to the online APICS Career Center at
Access webinars and white papers from our Career Coach, Rodney Apple.

APICS webinars

Convenient, online educational opportunities
Continually expanded offerings that change with industry trends
Many of APICS webinars are available on-demand and free of charge at:

APICS Supply Chain Channel

Connect and collaborate with peers through the global network.
Participate in online forums to share ideas, develop best practices, and find solutions to
everyday challenges in operations management.
Download valuable resources to help you prepare for APICS certification exams,
achieve your career goals, and more.
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APICS e-Mentor Program

Network with people in your field
Learn about career management and design
Be supported during your job search
Seek knowledge about educational goals
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Free electronic and print access for APICS professional members, APICS international members, APICS enterprise professional members, APICS Academic professional members to APICS publications, including;

APICS magazine
APICS Dictionary, 14th edition (one free electronic or print copy per edition)
Free electronic access to APICS publications and research, including;
APICS Dictionary term look up
APICS research reports
APICS Career Center white papers
Production and Inventory Management (P&IM) Journal
APICS Supply Chain Management Now
APICS e-News
APICS Connection

Advance Your Career with Help from APICS

Utilizing the career resources APICS offers will help you move your career to the next level. APICS offers many options for both job seekers and those looking to advance in their current position.

Job seekers, employers, and HR managers can find solutions at the Career Center. Whether you are looking for a new job, wanting to expand your skill sets or interested in career development tools to keep up with the rapid rate of change in your workplace environment, the APICS Career Center can help you.

The APICS Career Center can help you take charge of the talent you bring into your organization. You need to find seasoned professionals in the tops of their field in order to remain vital in today’s competitive market. Take advantage of the career tools and resources APICS offers by clicking on the link to the APICS Career Center:

APICS career packs

Free for APICS members! APICS career packs contain job descriptions, career paths, and competency models by title for supply chain and operations management careers. These career-focused packages help you manage your career growth by strategically setting goals and measuring your progress against information provided by peers in similar positions across the globe.

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